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Buoy West  La Plate and  the lighthouse  LA  VIEILLE Pointe du raz Finistère :

An inhabitant of Douarnenez would tell you that it is advisable to make an offering when one crosses the Raz de Sein for the first time. For that purpose, one has to wait for the boat being in that west alignment of the  buoy West La plate and the lighthouse La Veille, one has to throw a coin and to say the following prayer :

« Ma Doué, me sekourit  pa  sklejan ar Raz, ma vag a zo bihan, hag ar mor a zo braz ».

(My god, help me at the pointe du Raz, my boat is so small, the sea is so huge.)





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From all eternity


By a cold day of February,

I roamed on the huge seashore that the sea unveils.

The gaze can only fall on the sand.

A peek at the watch to know how long I have left the world.

A peer at the camera that accompanies me.

No, I won’t get photos of migrating birds today.

From afar, a tractor is driving back from an oyster park.

The wind is blowing cold, very cold and is drilling through the cap and the gloves.

I am alone in the immensity,

Like at the dawn of the world.

The wind makes me elated.

The sun is going down and the light is caressing the sand.

I am staring at the strange drawings that the low tide has left.

I  am shooting one, two, three pictures.

I have looked at the watch and it’s high time I came back.

The tide is going to rise.


I will come back later to this place

By the path that runs through the dunes.


From that time, I have roamed the seashore, looking for the absolute movement.





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Let us keep in us these fleeing instants of eternity, the rose colour of the sunset that outlines the frames of the “pêcheries”, the weeds of spring, the silver light of the sand, the blue sky among the seaweeds, the seabirds that are frisking, let us explore the rocks when the gulls are the masters of them, let us seek this blue colour that the sea takes before the sun reaches the horizon.




Once upon a time a horse chestnut tree

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When I was  a little boy, a horse chestnut tree was planted at the back of the garden. It took a lot of time to grow, a few centimetres a year , between two big stones. One day, it was moved to another place in the garden near the well. At the time, there  was no running water and a pump played the role of a tap. But some houses of the neighbourhood had not the privilege and  the well had many visits. The water  that overflowed from the buckets spread over the rim of the well. When it was not sunny, the  place around the well used to become quickly soaked and three stones were set not to walk in the mud.

To avoid this “marouillage” next to our estate, my grandfather build a cement device. The water was drawn by a pipe to the depth of the ground, near the roots of the horse chestnut tree.

When people used the well, water was brought to the chestnut tree, which started to grow from spring to spring.  Now it is a beautiful   tree that spreads generously its foliage and gives a fresh shade in summer and round horse chestnut in autumn.


Marouillage :idiomatic and archaic word meaning a tiny swamp


Photography Curriculum

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Photography curriculum starting from 2004

September 2004 :  Prize at the exhibition in La Plaine sur mer

Subject : “Holidays at La Plaine sur mer”

September 2005 : Prize at the exhibition in La Plaine sur mer

Subject : “Unusual photos  in La Plaine sur mer”

October 2005 :  Exhibition in Laura ‘s Cottage

in Les Lucs sur Boulogne (Vendée)

January 2006 :  Exhibition « Once upon a time a horse chestnut  tree »

in Laura ‘s Cottage  in Les Lucs sur Boulogne (Vendée)

This exhibition will be displayed in the tourism office of  la Plaine sur Mer.

May  2007 :  Exhibition « Futile moments »

in the tourism office of  la Plaine sur Mer

March 2008 : Prize at the photo show of   Brévi’ Art

Subject « The storm »

April 2008 : Exhibition « Sands »

in the tourism office of  la Plaine sur Mer

August  2008 : Exhibition « Sands »

In the town hall of St Michel Chef Chef

April 2009 :  An exhibition « Pêcheries » is planned in the tourism office      of La Plaine sur Mer

Pêcheries : a wood structure built on the seashore to fish with a net

April 2010 : An exhibitation "Port Giraud Le Cormier"

April 2011 : An exhibition  "Surfaces" in the tourism office of  la Plaine sur Mer

June 2011: An exhibition  "Pêcheries and Sands "  in the tourism office of Bourgneuf en Retz

March 2012 : An exhibition "Vide Greniers" in the tourism office of  la Plaine sur Mer